Stay Cool Anytime, Anywhere with Flourifem!

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3 Wind Modes for Ultimate Comfort

Low Speed (Natural Wind): Gentle breeze like cool outdoor wind, perfect for relaxation and light activities. Energy-efficient and quiet.

Medium Speed (Low Cool Mist): Combines cool mist with steady airflow for moderate cooling. Balances cooling and humidity for a refreshing effect.

High Speed (High Cool Mist): Powerful cool air with high mist levels for maximum cooling. Ideal for hot, humid conditions, ensuring rapid temperature reduction.

Personalized Comfort

Air Conditioner Fan:

  • Provides portable cooling with air conditioner convenience.
  • Ideal for small to medium spaces with adjustable settings for comfort.
  • Efficiently circulates cool air to combat heat indoors.

Air Cooler and Humidifier:

  • Combines air cooling with humidity control for indoor climate adjustment.
  • Versatile settings offer customizable cooling and moisture levels.

Top Dual Core Ice Fog Industry

Upgrade to dual-core defrosting and condensing technology to surpass outdated models in the market. Featuring aviation-grade turbine fan blades and an intelligent frost refrigeration chip, our dual-core ice mist molecular mouth sets new standards for efficiency and performance.